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Perma-Chink: Perma Chink Single 11 oz tube

A new technology, water-based finish with superior adhesion
and performance for horizontal and vertical surfaces...

Log Home Exterior Stain LifeLine Ultra-7 is the first part of a stain system consisting of one color coat followed by one or two coats of Lifeline Advance Clear Exterior Topcoat.

Lifeline Ultra-7 is the most durable exterior stain that Perma Chink Systems has ever developed. After multiple exposure tests in harsh weather areas across the country(think snow country, the sunny southeast and extreme mountain locations), Lifeline Ultra-7 stands out as THE top-of-the-line, long-lasting finish.

The secret behind its durability is Lifeline Ultra-7's sate-of-the-art resin that creates a flexible and tough seal on your home's logs. Perhaps more importantly than the seal's strength, the resin also ensures that the seal is continuous, providing protection from holes and gaps that might otherwise develop with a lower-quality finish. In addition it has unsurpassed adhesion to wood.

It's this continuity that has proven to be much more resistant to UV degradation, color fading and adhesion loss. And just like all Lifeline finihses, the water-resistant film breathes just like Gore-Tex

Thin, back brushed application will result in greater performance, better looks, and customer satisfaction.

Properties of LifeLine Ultra-7

  • Resists water penetration yet allows wood to breath Environment
  • Value, saves you labor
  • Requires less material for the job
  • Transparent iron-oxides extend life of the color coat
  • Compatible with LifeLine Exterior Advance Top Coat
  • Cleans up with just soap and water
  • Remember, highly pigmented stains give more "long term" UV protection.

Shelf Life

  • 1 Year

Application Temperature

  • 40 to 90

Application Methods

  • Airless sprayer
  • Brush

Surface Preparation

  • Clean and dry
  • Free of mold and mildew
  • Never use steel wool


  • As needed, depending on exposure
Special Instructions
  • Back-brushing required
  • Stir container every 15 minutes
  • Maintain a wet edge to avoid lap marks
  • Requires one of Lifeline Advance topcoat
  • Avoid applying in direct sun
Drying Time
  • Dry to the touch in 1 hour
  • Cures within 3 days
Coverage Rate
  • 300-400 square feet / gallon

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Manufacturer Product Type Weight Cost Amount
Perma-Chink LideLine Ultra-7 1 Gallon 10.0 $98.75
Perma-Chink LideLine Ultra-7 5 Gallons 50.0 $419

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