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Perma-Chink: Perma Chink Single 11 oz tube

Lifeline Ultra-2 - Cutting edge technology, unique exterior protection.

We are proud to announce the release of our new exterior stain Lifeline Ultra-2. This product embraces a series of cutting edge and unique technologies that deliver a superior performance exterior stain system. Lifeline Ultra-2 offers the following characteristics:

  • Two-coat water-based stain
  • Breathable finish
  • A mechanical resistance to biological growth
  • Superior color retention
  • Unsurpassed durability
  • Ease of application
  • Water repellency
  • Longevity

Lifeline Ultra-2: - the two coat application helps to ensure consistent color development on your walls. From the day that you apply it to the many years of durability that you get from it, this stain will distinguish your home.

A protective clear coat of Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin adds depth and clarity to the wood grain. The smooth surface of the clear coat repels dirt and dust, and makes walls easier to clean when cleaning becomes necessary. Like all Lifeline finishes, it is breathable, waterborne and easy to work with.

Lifeline Ultra-2 is the first component of our two component exterior finish system. The second component is a clear topcoat of Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin. We have found that there are very distinct functional differences between the durability and appearance functions of stains and clear topcoats. The stain system (Lifeline Ultra-2 and Lifeline Advance) is greater than the sum of its individual components. This is because the formulations of the two components are significantly different.

MAXIMUM PROTECTION AND BEAUTY FOR YOUR HOME WITH A 5-TEAR WARRANTY - This is a simple warranty, you do not have to apply a clear top coat each year or special size overhang, etc. You apply two-coats Ultra-2 according to directions and 1-coat of Lifeline Advance. This gives a 3-year warranty and you may extend for another 2 years by applying another coat of Lifeline Advance at the end of 3 years, therefore giving you a 5-year warranty.

Manufacturer Product Type Weight Cost Amount
Perma-Chink Lifeline Ultra-2 1 Gallon 10.0 $94
Perma-Chink Lifeline Ultra-2 5 Gallons 50.0 $399

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