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Why Sikkens?

Why did I build a log home? Somewhere in your answer will be "I love the look." Many people who started with all the right ideas in the beginning, end up with compromises that turn into regrets. Certain upgrades to your new home can always be done at a later date, but the first time your logs are to be finished is the most crucial to achive the look you are after. This is when you need to spend a little extra time and money to get the job done right. Sikkens is the world's oldest and largest coatings manufacturer and make nothing but the best products. The Sikkens finishes create a beautiful translucent finish that resembles a furniture type of look. Sikkens coatings will out perform all the others. It will also cost you a little more and requires a little more effort. There is an old saying that I am sure you know, when it comes to buying the finish for your log home it is important that you remember. "You get what you pay for."

The Sikkens products still have to be applied properly; otherwise they can also give you poor results. Most of the other manufacturers on the market today talk very little about the cleaning of your logs or preparation you need to take on your logs. They do not want to scare away potential customers with the talk of too much work. At Appalachian, we talk a lot about that necessary work. Certain procedures, that have been outlined, must be followed on all log homes. We want your job to be done the proper way, with no compromises. This is the only way that we can insure a beautiful appearance, excellent performance and years of worry free protection for our customers. Like any product, you can only get the desired results, by following the manufacturers instructions. If you do not want to do the preparation or do not want to put the three coats of the product on, buy a different brand.

Sikkens has extensively outlined in its application guides exactly how to prepare and coat all types of logs. The experts at Sikkens know logs and have designed different application systems depending on the species, style, profile and most important moisture content of the wood.

The preparation to remove the mill glaze is only a few simple steps. Mix a solution containing tri-sodium phosphate (A cleaner that can be easily purchased at all paint stores), household bleach and water. With a garden sprayer, apply this solution onto the logs. Let it stand for 20 to 25 minutes then use a pressure washer and spray it back off. Let the house dry fully for three (3) full days and you are now ready to use the coating. These steps are fully outlined in the application guide and specification sheet that Appalachian Log Care supplies every buyer with their purchase.

The coating process is one coat of the Cetol 1. This product needs to be brushed into the wood. By brushing it will help the coating to penetrate into the wood. Cetol 1 acts as a strong base coat followed by application two coats of Cetol 23 plus. The Cetol 23 plus can either be brushed or sprayed. If sprayed you will need to be back brushed afterwards. The Cetol 23 plus is the product that creates the beautiful low luster finish.

The Cetol product allows your logs to breath while remaining completely protecting against the suns ultra violet rays, the rain and other elements that can attack your new home. Again all these steps are outlined in the Sikkens log home application guides and precise specifications sheets have been written for Appalachian Log Care. At Appalachian Log Care we have been fully trained on the Sikkens products and can answer any additional questions you may have.

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